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We are the only licensed retail dealer / brokers with a teaching license

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We have more teachers in more locations

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DMV Certified Car Dealer Education since 1998


Farhan Mohammadi


Teaching in Fresno, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, Ventura and Burbank


Claudia Patton


Teaching in Culver city, Hollywood, Los Angeles & Orange County


Azita Rezaei


Teaching in Fairfield, Fremont, Fresno, Bakersfield and Burbank


Jorge Elizalde


Teaching in Modesto, Tracy, Stockton, Turlock & Fresno


Elizabeth Bertolone


Teaching in Gilroy, Campbell, Salinas, & San Jose


Iris Cervantes


Teaching in La Mesa, Temecula, Riverside & San Diego


Sony Duong


Teaching in Garden Grove, Anaheim, Long Beach & Los Angeles


Sonia Haloulos


Teaching in San Diego, La Mesa, National City & Chula Vista





Private Dmv Verification Agent Classes also available

Private Dmv Registration Agent Classes also available

Private Dmv Dismantler License Classes also available

Private Dmv Renewal License Classes are also available




Car Dealer License Hollywood

Car Dealer License Fairfield

Car Dealer License Clovis 415-730-3137

Car Dealer License Campbell 408-761-0107

just who runs the CSLEA ???

Government & Public Affairs Staff


Alan Barcelona
CSLEA President
Alan Barcelona leads a statewide law enforcement organization that is the central thread in the public safety net of California and one of America’s most fascinating law-enforcement groups.

The 7,000 members of the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association that Mr. Barcelona is president of track down and arrest violent felons, put out fires, investigate the doctors and dentists we place our trust in, inspect the hospital you’re born in and the funeral home you’re laid to rest at, and everything in between, including the parks you visit, the beaches you swim on, the car you drive, and the food you eat.

In addition to his duties as president of CSLEA, Mr. Barcelona is also a Special Agent for the California Department of Justice. Prior to becoming a DOJ agent, he was a Senior Investigator for the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

Mr. Barcelona started his law-enforcement career in 1981 as a Stanislaus County Deputy Sheriff, where he served as a Jail, Patrol, and SWAT Team officer . He also has taught at two police academies, Modesto Junior College and Delta Junior College in Stockton CA.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Organization from the University of San Francisco and a Master’s Degree in Education from the University of La Verne. Mr. Barcelona makes his home in Sacramento, along with his wife and four children.

It is as president of CSLEA that Mr. Barcelona has made his biggest law-enforcement mark, taking over a lightly regarded, rag-tag group of sworn peace officers, investigators, and inspectors teetering on the brink of bankruptcy and turning it into a solvent, cohesive organization with a mission and purpose that have earned it the respect of governors and lawmakers in Sacramento.

Today, the 7,000 members of CSLEA who work in 180 different job classifications for the state of California are raising the standards of their professions to the highest in the nation.

Elizabeth Dealer Training in Spanish 408-761-0107

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Avoid Registration Fees

Operate on Dealer License Plates

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REAL Dealers Teaching Dealers

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Jorge Elizalde 209-985-0426

Iris Cervantes 619-933-6112

Sonia Haloulos 619-647-7324

Elizabeth Bertolone 408-761-0107

Car Dealer License Culver City