DMV Temp Tag Issue Guidelines

Temporary Tag Issue Guidelines

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When do we print a temporary license plate,
aka TLP for a REG51 ( Report of Sale ) ???
All vehicles using REG 51 forms that don’t have the required number of CA licenses plates will need the number of TLPs required by CA law. (eg. 2 for Autos/Trucks and 1 for MC’s/trailers)
For Out of State used vehicles (aka – “Non-Resident”):
Both out of state plates come off and TWO CA Temp Tags should be printed
For California used vehicles (aka – “Resident”):
If vehicle is a California vehicle, the first question to ask is:
Does the vehicle have BOTH California license plates affixed to the vehicle?
If YES….regardless of whether the California license plates are valid or invalid, no Temp Tag is printed.
ROS should be taped in front window as per current process. BOTH California plates MUST be present.
If NO….remove the single plate and print TWO Temp Tags.